GPS Coordinates being rounded

I have a weird behavior that I just can’t seem to figure out. I am retrieving GPS coordinates from a MySQL database. When I run a query in the MySQL database I get the correct coordinates ie: 34.66 Lat and -119.65 Long. However, when that same query is run in Grafana I see 34.7 Lat and -119 Long. Is there a setting in Grafana that I am missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Welcome @chandler4

What version of grafana and what data type are those coordinates in your mysql database column

I also find this very confusing. While user’s initial coordinates were set with high precision, Grafana shows coordinates rounded in the explorer. And it even exports data with rounded coords. At the same time it renders these points correctly on the map.

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As long as it plots it correctly why be so concerned about the rounding, it could just be a visual thing with the data view but actually under the hood it is not really rounding the value

  1. it mutates data on export to csv
  2. frustrates newcomers who don’t see coords from their DS in the explore view. Hence this topic arose.
  3. I do usually round coords myself up to 6 digits precision. But here’s what we get in Grafana. Not very informative:
  1. Why export it from grafana when one already has the source data that one used to plot the geomap?

  2. Yes agree it is confusing to new comers

  3. :call_me_hand: