Export CSV - Round LAT/LONG

I’ve searched all the articles and I’m guessing my question is so simple no one else had to ask! I’m trying to export Latitude and Longitude data from a panel but the CSV I get always rounds the data to 1 decimal point. I need the full number but don’t know how to make that happen.

I tried simply changing the formatting of the CSV column but the data appears in the preview window for the download with only one decimal as well.


What is the datasource of the data in the first place?

It comes from our main production database. There it stores lat/long out to 8 decimal places.

So why not run the query you have in grafana for that datasource in the datasourxe itself outside of grafana and copy paste it in a csv file?
Is it mysql? Postgres? Sql server?

Good question. I don’t have a way to pull it straight from the DB that I know of. I’m more a business user than a technical user.

I look at the data structure in Postico, construct my SQL in Grafana, and then look at the data that way.

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Gotcha. Also are you opening the csv using excel or notepad++. Excel is notorious for doing it’s own thing on csv files. Anyways I think you should really use portico since it has the more “accurate” data

Here is what I found for viewing and running query in Postico

I was just trying the postico route. I didn’t even realize I could export that way. I just tried it and it worked great!

Thanks so much for your help.

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you are more than a business user. always enjoy tinkering and being curious and it will take places :wink: Dont let anyone tell you, you are just a business user.