Gmail for notifications


Does anyone have Gmail set up for SMTP notifications? I’ve tried various combinations of grafana.ini settings but haven’t been able to make it work. Thanks.

Cant get grafana to email alerts using gmail

port: 465

should work, if you use two factor auth generate a device specific password to use


I forgot about 2-factor auth. Thanks.


I use this settings and receive an error ;

enabled = true
host =
password ="pass"
skip_verify = true
from_address =
from_name = Sistema de monitoreo en lìnea

and receive this error :

Async sent email 0 succeed, not send emails: err: gomail: could not send email 1: gomail: invalid address “=?UTF-8?q?Sistema_de_monitoreo_en_l=ECnea_<>?=”: mail: expected single address, got “?=”

Can you publish your entire code ?




I managed to get gmail to work on my setup, so just thought it was worth Sharing my config.
First two factor authentication on my gmail account is off, as well as enabling allow less secure applications.

Then my config read the same as happynerds above, except the field below:

password = “”“pass”""


msg=“Failed to send alert notification email” error=“unencrypted connection”

why i find the same error in grafana 5.xx and


Hi Team,

I am a new new user for Grafana. I am trying to do the Email SMTP configuration in grafana by sending a mail to particular recipient but i am unable to do the same.
When we are checked in log files it is showing as below error. Could you please help on this.

ERROR : msg=“Sending alert notification to” addresses=[
t=2019-04-23T16:21:11+0530 lvl=eror msg=“Failed to send alert notification email” error=“SMTP not configured, check your grafana.ini config file’s [smtp] section.”
t=2019-04-23T16:21:11+0530 lvl=eror msg=“failed to send notification” logger=alerting.notifier uid= error=“SMTP not configured, check your grafana.ini config file’s [smtp] section.”


you must configure your SMTP server in the config.


i have did the same still it is not working