Github integration in Azure Managed Grafana

Hi team

I am using Azure Managed Grafana to create dashboards. I have an Azure Monitor datasource that is working fine and I am able to create dashboards.

I am now creating a Github dashboard. I have successfully created a Github datasource with access token (tested and saved) following the access permissions for the repositories.

Access Token Permissions
For Github projects:
An extra setting is required for private repositories:
repo (Full control of private repositories)

However, when I create the dashboard, for example I use “Pull requests” , “Commits” or any other query type, the graph is generated but without any data. I also changed the time range to a different value like "Last 6 months) but still the graph displays zero data.

I just want to confirm if the Github integration is working in AZURE managed grafana.
Also, if there is more configuration required? I have not seen any error relating to permission as grafana is a able to access the organization and the repos.

Do I need Enterprise grafana ?