Get influxDB data into reac variable for a Panel Plugin

Hello everyone.

I know this is a basic question and I found some information out there which should be enough, but I am being unable to make it work.

I am devolping my own panel plugin to show some data I have in an influx database.

My database has this form:

time temp1 temp2 icon temp3
1602472172714946900 75.21 74.01 bad 30.1
1602480119955775400 73.27 71.85 bad 28.3

I added this influx database as datasource to my panel:

Now, however I’ve been following the tutorials for creating a new panel plugin, I can’t find the way to access data in my react code.

Can someone tell me how should I access to the different data in my database and use it as a variable in my script?

Thanks in advance

Ok, I have been doing some tests and I was able to make it work. The problem was that the database had some columns with number type values (temp1, temp2, temp3) and others with string type values (icon). I removed the icon column and that solved my issue.
I´m sure there is a way to read different type of data from the same database but I was not able to do it, so that was my solution.