Get AWS TrustedAdvisor metrics


It would be nice to be able to get AWS TrustedAdvisor metrics from cloudwatch to monitor services soft limits. Is it possible to implement this features?

Those metrics are already available in Cloudwatch (us-east-1 region), so far I couldn’t manage to retrieve those them.

Thank you.


Configure CloudWatch datasource and write query with correct namespace (AWS/TrustedAdvisor), dimension(s) ( and metric name. AWS/TrustedAdvisor name, dimensions, metrics are not predefined in Grafana, but you can still write them manually in query editor.

Thank you ! It works!

@vlam @jangaraj can you post a screenshot?

i tried this:

region: us-east-1
Namespace: AWS/TrustedAdvisor
Metric: RedChecks
Dimension: none

but i get no response…


You need to disable this:

Screenshot_2020-09-03 Amazon Trusted Advisor - Grafana

@vlam, can you post working screenshot ?