Geomap using Zabbix

Hello, I have a problem with my servers appearing on the Geomap, I have the coordinates in the Zabbix inventory, but it doesn’t locate them automatically. How can I get this information within Zabbix to be displayed on the Grafana Geomap? Can anyone tell me?

Grafana: 11
Zabbix: 6.0

if it doesn’t autolocate may be you should specify location fields in geomap panel manually? The problem is unclear with no further details

what does the data coming from zabbix look like?

captura de tela
Hello, I get the data directly from Zabbix, with the API

yes but what does the data look like?

Hello, the latitude and longitude data is in the Zabbix inventory

I don’t know which option would locate this Zabbix Inventory data in Grafana’s Geomap panel


what does the data look like when you query it in grafana :laughing: