Geomap: represent data with coloured areas

you can get close to this with grafana also using variables to choose the different filtering mechanisms

Not as mature as what you have but close?

Hi, the main problem, now, is how to color areas with different colors, graduated with data values…

Many thanks for the help!

What have you tried?

Geomap + geojson. I obtain values + geometries, but I can’t use values to select colors.

It looks like grafana can only create area objects from geojson static files and not from a query that returns geojson (or any geometry data). It can only work with lat/lon, geohash or lookup (but also returning lat/log)

Grafana only uses static geojson files. They can use formatting rules but those rules does not lookup any data from queries. I didn’t test but the screenshot shown here suggests that variables can be used (although the complexity will grow fast). However, without a way to use query data to setup the style, it cannot be used to represent data.

As a suggestion for grafana, I would say that we need a new layer type similar to “Markers” or “Heatmap” (or improve the existing geojson one), but with geometry where it uses lat/lon/hash/lookup.

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you might want to take a look at this fork

Thanks, @yosiasz ! It does work. However, it still needs some polishing:

  1. with geometry as a field, we do need some way to customize the popup dialog. The polygon I’m using is a little bit large and it covers the screen. The plugin github shows a “Properties” field after the “Pop up Time”, but in my case, it is missing. (It looks like I’m using the latest 1.4.4 version)
  2. the shape border is not configurable. I tried to use the mark size but it looks like it is a fixed value.
  3. Value mappings can set a color but the map ignores it.

This is just a partial screenshot to illustrate my panel:

I’ll report those issues to the github page.

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that is not accurate ^ you can enter an endpoint that returns geojson.



I wasn’t clear. I meant “grafana can only draw geojson from an external source and not from datasource queries”