Gatling InfluxDB Grafana Dashboard

I am looking for a grafana dashboard for gatling runs.I tried to grafana dashboard id -9935 but somehow its not working with my setup. I tried to import other dashboard but they are lacking info like what influxdb.conf and gatling.conf they used .Could someone please help if they are using similar set up.this is my current set up.


data {
    writers = [console,file,graphite]      # The list of DataWriters to which Gatling write simulation data (currently supported : console, file, graphite)
    console {
      light = false                # When set to true, displays a light version without detailed request stats
      writePeriod = 5              # Write interval, in seconds
    file {
      bufferSize = 8192            # FileDataWriter's internal data buffer size, in bytes
    leak {
      noActivityTimeout = 30  # Period, in seconds, for which Gatling may have no activity before considering a leak may be happening
    graphite {
      light = false              # only send the all* stats
      host = "localhost"         # The host where the Carbon server is located
      port = 2003                # The port to which the Carbon server listens to (2003 is default for plaintext, 2004 is default for pickle)
      protocol = "tcp"           # The protocol used to send data to Carbon (currently supported : "tcp", "udp")
      rootPathPrefix = "gatling" # The common prefix of all metrics sent to Graphite
      bufferSize = 8192          # Internal data buffer size, in bytes
      writePeriod = 1            # Write period, in seconds

and influxdb.conf

  # Determines whether the graphite endpoint is enabled.
  enabled = true
  database = "gatlingdb"
  # retention-policy = ""
  bind-address = ":2003"
  protocol = "tcp"
  consistency-level = "one"

  # These next lines control how batching works. You should have this enabled
  # otherwise you could get dropped metrics or poor performance. Batching
  # will buffer points in memory if you have many coming in.

  # Flush if this many points get buffered
   batch-size = 5000

  # number of batches that may be pending in memory
  # batch-pending = 10

  # Flush at least this often even if we haven't hit buffer limit
  # batch-timeout = "1s"

  # UDP Read buffer size, 0 means OS default. UDP listener will fail if set above OS max.
  # udp-read-buffer = 0

  ### This string joins multiple matching 'measurement' values providing more control over the final measurement name.
   separator = "."

  ### Default tags that will be added to all metrics.  These can be overridden at the template level
  ### or by tags extracted from metric
  # tags = ["region=us-east", "zone=1c"]

  ### Each template line requires a template pattern.  It can have an optional
  ### filter before the template and separated by spaces.  It can also have optional extra
  ### tags following the template.  Multiple tags should be separated by commas and no spaces
  ### similar to the line protocol format.  There can be only one default template.
  templates = [
       "gatling.*.*.*.count measurement.simulation.request.status.field",
       "gatling.*.*.*.min measurement.simulation.request.status.field",
       "gatling.*.*.*.max measurement.simulation.request.status.field",
      "gatling.*.*.*.percentiles95 measurement.simulation.request.status.field",
      "gatling.*.*.*.percentiles99 measurement.simulation.request.status.field"      

Thanks in Advance