Frustrated - Grafana present in different time as event happened

Grafana - 7.5.4
Postgres (PostgreSQL) 13.2 (Debian 13.2-1.pgdg100+1)

I build simple graph monitor customer table where i want to see new row inserted .
by query :

  creation_date AS "time",
FROM customer

The odd thing :

I see them in the graph but they in 3 hours delay,
meaning if now it’s 13:00 and i insert new row to customer table
I need to scroll grafana graph till 16:00 .
Im breaking my head thinking what could be the reason -
I verify timezone on grafana ,postgres dockers are matching the host machine and browser.

On grafana preference - timezone set correctly,
and actually when graph running I do see correct hours
but events being inserted 3 hours later,
so if present the graph as table :
(current time is minus 3 hours)


Running the query on postgres - times looks correct in the DB:


Checking time on the dockers and host:

#checking date on postgres  docker:

Wed 05 May 2021 01:32:35 PM IDT
# checking date on grafana docker
Wed May  5 13:32:42 IDT 2021
#host date
Wed May  5 13:32:48 IDT 2021

I also postgres timezone to current zone :

"2021-05-05 13:35:08.683665+03"

Manage to fix by:

configure all relevant server to UTC including the DB (actually now i understand this is the best approach), while grafana graph present the events by local browser time.

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