${__from📅iso} does return UTC while dashboard uses CET

Hi all,

we are using the latest Grafana version and experience some kind of strange behaviour.

Using an SQL DB an this query:

where b.Name LIKE $Robots and Timestamp BETWEEN ‘${__from:date:iso}’ AND ‘${__to:date:iso}’

the query inspector shows:

where b.Name LIKE ‘…’ and Timestamp BETWEEN ‘2024-03-10T19:41:34.757Z’ AND ‘2024-03-11T07:41:34.757Z’

Local time and dashboard time is CET, so dashboard graph shows correct time (08:41), but the data displayed is kind of shifted by an hour.
Meaning the dashboard displays data for 08:41, which is having timestamp of 07:41 in the DB.
Looks like the query is taking UTC and displays the return values as being UTC?

Any idea how to solve this?

Many thanks,


Might be a dumb suggestion but, if you know the problem is from a 1 hour delay, why don’t you add 3600 seconds to your time range?

where b.Name LIKE $Robots and Timestamp BETWEEN ‘${__from:date:iso}’ + 3600 AND ‘${__to:date:iso}’ + 3600

Since the query inspector show this format 2024-03-10T19:41:34.757Z, this will probably not work like this, but it’s the idea!

However, your suggestion about the query not using the same time (UTC or CET) is very interesting…