Fresh Service Unassigned Tickets

My team has moved away from Dashing to Grafana community and I am trying to figure out how to bring over the last 2 items we need on our main dashboard. In Dashings we had a Fresh Service API that brings over the data. We use much the same code to bring to Grafana. The issue is I can not figure out how to get Grafana to display a panel that would list out in Text the unassigned tickets. We are currently leaving the old Dashings Dashboard alive and using IFrame to display it. If anyone could help or point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated.

I also need to get the Pagerduty schedule of who is on call displayed as well. We are still doing this as an iframe as well.

Does anyone have any help with this at all? Glad to pay for help

I know this maybe is too late.

but you can use the json datasource:

combined with freshservice api:

This is an idea, but i think this what you are looking for