Freezing time data and exporting the entire visual system

Hello Group,
I have started to explore the Grafana Software for my use case and came across this query-
I will be pulling the data from Influx DB. I want to freeze the a certain amount of data when I export my dashboard which needs to give me the visualisation even when the data in Influx DB is deleted. In short Standalone dashboard without the Data Source(but with a fixed period of data)

Can someone guide me through a feasible solution?

The problem you will run into is that Grafana does not store data. It’s just the pane of glass you use to display your data.

I suspect that you could store the metrics you are talking about in Influx and then use Grafana to display them, but I’m not sure how to make that happen.

Hello Diana

Thanks! for the reply.

I figured out that Exporting the snapshot link will embed the data in the JSON file itself and hence could be viewed. I am still in the testing face and will inform once I find this as a right solution.