Fixed time range for panel relative to Today - Panels of different working shifts

I want to have a daily dashboard of data from different working shifts. Let’s say morning, afternoon and night shifts.

The shifts have a defined time to start and end and I want to create a dashboard of the current day showing the data for each shift in its respective graph panel. How can I do that?

The query can already filter by shift so one path I’m trying is to filter by shift and let each panel simply use the dashboard time range. But the problem is that I get a lot of empty data for each shift. For this direction, eliminating empty points on X axis would help but I did not find how to do it. Any suggestion on this or the problem overall? Thanks!

I can change the Y Axis to Series mode, but the problem is that I cannot use the combo chart, line and bars at the same time. All series change to bars. Any idea?