Firebird to grafana connectivity

I want to connect to firebird database through grafana . Is there any possibility to use existing plugins? Or Shall I create a configurable one?? If i have to create please let me know the process. I searched for it and found simple json, but couldn’t understand how to change it.
Thanks in advance.

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Please! I want to know too…

Hello @caram1, @rajeswari

What I have found is a plugin on GitHub for Firebird:

Please try it and let us in community know if it works :slight_smile:


That link is for firebase, not Firebird?

@linasim oh my bad, thats a typo, never mind :slight_smile:

I don’t believe there’s any data source for Firebird yet. Let me know if you want help building one :slight_smile:


hey ! do u solve dat ?


I didn’t find one. Now, I don’t need it anymore.