Fire an Alert Rule only if the metric is above a threshold, during the whole evaluation time

Hi, thanks in advance for reading the post.

I’ve already got a “running” dashboard, with some cool metrics, visualizations and alerts. My problem is that I need to check not if the metric crossed the threshold (one or more times) during the evaluation, but if the metric kept crossing this line during the whole time. For example, if the system memory utilization (which i get by making an math operation between two metrics) kept above 95% during the last 5m. I’m stucked with this problem because the average is not relevant to my alerts…

Maybe due to my poor english i didn’t found anything to solve my problem, so if there is any post about it already, please share with me. Thanks again, and greetings from Brasil!


Hello there,

When setting up an alert, look for these two in the Alert evaluation behavior:

  • For Evaluation interval, specify the frequency of evaluation. Must be a multiple of 10 seconds. For examples, 1m, 30s.
  • For for, specify the duration for which the condition must be true before an alert fires. For your case, set it to 5m.

The alert would evaluate the condition each “Evaluation interval” (10s for example), if the condition is met, the alert state will change to Pending for “for” (5m); During those 5 minutes, if the condition is met each time the alert evalutes, a notification will be sent to you.