Alerting based on number of violation

We are using Grafana v9.3.6, We have created alert rules using REDUCE function. The output data is multi dimensional as in we have multiple account breaching the defined threshold. Lets say i have account A, B and C breaching a threshold of 100ms (as latency)…
Is it possible to trigger an alert (firing state) when the 100ms threshold is lasted for X mins or more than 1 violation ?

Currently even for a single threshold breach/violation of “A” is triggering an alert… We tried to have a evaluation period of 2mins and “for” period of “5mins” . That Isn’t working !!

Can anyone please advice, how we can trigger alert, when the number of violations are greater than 1 or X mins ?

Hey, it is expected for multi dimensional alert rule to start alerting even when a single time series breach the condition and there is no option to configure this behaviour.

for option should be what you’re looking for. What do you mean by it’s not working?

When for is greater that the evaluation period alert rule should first go to pending state and when the condition is still breached after the for time lapsed it should start alerting

For 2min eval period and 5min for value the alert should start alerting after 6 minutes from the first breach