Find dashboard by dashboardUID=

I noticed some alerts in my Grafana logs and I can’t figure out how to find the offending dashboard by UID. Can someone point me in the right direction please? I’m on 9.3.2.

“logger=ngalert.state.historian rule_uid=toLJpPCnk org_id=1 t=2022-12-28T08:18:00.021261257-06:00 level=error msg=“Error getting dashboard for alert annotation” dashboardUID=J6n3QuoMk error=“Dashboard not found””

What happens if you do

I get dashboard not found in the top of the screen.

Sounds like it might have been deleted? Or something/someone messed up with the backend.

using a sqllite querying language such as DB Browser for SQL Lite, see if that dashboard exists by name

I’m sorry but that is beyond my. I didn’t delete a dashboard I no longer needed/used. Why would that cause this? Is there someplace else it needs to be removed as well?

You might have an alert rule with a Dashboard UID annotation of J6n3QuoMk. I would look at your existing alert rules and find those that have this annotation and remove it.

That’s where it was. Thank you so much!