Filter using regexpr on google sheet data source

Hi all,
I’m using tha last online grafana version (cloud version)…
It’s the first time that I use google sheet as data suorce… I know there are limitation…
but… How can I filter using my variable on drop down menù?

I always used prometheus and it’s ok… but is it possible?
What is the right syntax? I would like also an hard codesample (BM03) for better understanding

Thanks ALEN


Try this and let us know if youvget stuck

Thanks for the link…
now I try to read some instruction

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I’ve excluded the filters from the top for now. But I didn’t go into that much… since once I define the google sheet worksheet ID, I can only select a range of cells (or even a named range).

I can’t pass it a variable to filter on some value… but if anyone finds out how… I’d like to know.