Filter for dimension_values

Hi all,

I am trying to filter the following Cloudwatch query:

dimension_values($region, AWS/ELB, HealthyHostCount, LoadBalancerName)

What can I filter for? Where can I find a list of values? For example { "tag:SOME_TAG_LISTED_IN_AWS": [ "VALUE_OF_TAG" ] } does not seem to work. Also { "InstanceId": [ "ONE_OF_THE_ELB_INSTANCE_IDS_SHOWN_IN_AWS" ] } does not seem to work. Any ideas?

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Hi macin,

The filters of dimension_values is a dimension filter, it is different from ec2_instance_attribute filter.

If your metric has multiple dimensions, you can use this filter to get dimension values dynamically.
For example:

dimension_values($region, AWS/ELB, HealthyHostCount, LoadBalancerName ,{"AvailabilityZone": $az})

Ok I think I got it. And all available dimensions can be listed in my case for example using

aws cloudwatch list-metrics --metric-name "HealthyHostCount" --namespace "AWS/ELB"