Filter Dashboard for SQL Server Datasource

I am using the OSS version of Grafana on Windows, visualizing airport data, using SQL Server as a data source.

I want to filter the dashboard that I have for different airports. There are two ways I thought about filtering. The first, is using a query based variable type, with the SQL server datasource and a query that list all the airport codes, SELECT AirportCode FROM Table. I also added a regex to list the airports, for which we have data on. I tried this approach and the dashboard did NOT filter to the panels by airport. It’s also worth noting that every panel has a query containing the operator WHERE AirportCode = ‘Insert Airport Name’

Here are the settings that I used for the query type variable

The other approach I tried was a Custom Variable, where the Airport Name, which appears in every panel was used. But this didn’t filter the dashboard either.

I used this link from Grafana Labs on variables, but it didn’t seem to help me.