Filter context for PIE Chart

Hi guys,
Is there any feature present to filter data in pie chart by clicking on a value ??
This can be done with the table visualization. Is it possible for piechart??

for example: Refer pic- If I click on piechart value DE then a filter should be added & applied to the dashboard

Hi @ameeshagupta1997,

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We are excited that you joined our OSS community. Please read about some of the FAQs in the community :slight_smile:

I tested it out and seems not possible. Seems like a new feature request :slight_smile:

I will get back to you later on this one with more information :+1:

Update on this. Please view our GitHub Discussions page which lists all the pie chart-related requests.

If you found an existing one, then define some more details and upvote it. If there is not existing one, then create a new discussion using this link