Field: display name with multiple columns


I am using InfluxDB (and now with the new InfluxDB I need to use ‘Flux’
But since there is no ‘Alias by’ I found the option under “Field, Display name”
but how do I need to use this for multiple columns?
for one column it’s simple, but when there is more then 1, it renames all of them to the text I entered:

So as you can see I have 5 ‘Columns’ that I want to have renamed.
I don’t know if this is possible with the ‘Field → Display name’ option?
or is there a (simple) way to do this in the ‘Flux’-code ?

maybe for the developers of grafana a request:
since with ‘Flux’ it’s difficult to integrate the ‘alias by’ option… it would maybe be a possibility that where you can change the colors from the measurements in the graph view also have the option to ‘rename’ it there? see picture below:

Hi @thomasdc,

Are you still encountering this issue? Can I ask: do you think you could try to reproduce this on

I ask because that site is running Grafana v8 in beta, and v8 introduces a LOT of new support for Flux…