FFT PLOT (fast fourier transformed) on grafana - influxdB

Hello guys,

I want to plot a FFT (“fast fourier transformed”) result in my grafana dashboard. Now I’m working with influx DB to supply the data for grafana.

Here is the problem, the FFT is a non time series data, however will be nice to know and be able to filter by the time.

For example this table:

I would like to see my x axis with the name of the columns (is not just another row values) and the Y axis with the value of the collumn, and I wanna filter it by time.

Is it possible?

If there is another way I’m open to receive any suggestion to plot FFT at grafana, and I’m almost sure that someone already did it.


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Dear Andre,

some of the folks over at the Hiveeyes Community Forum told us how they have been doing it using the Heatmap Plugin – cheers, Diren! So you might find it interesting to read https://community.hiveeyes.org/t/erste-analyse-der-audio-daten-des-beabee-projekts/1445, originally coming from https://community.hiveeyes.org/t/how-to-visualize-fft-data-in-grafana/818.

With kind regards,