Failed to upgrade legacy queries Datasource

I am using the OSS Grafana, I first set up grafana on one of my DEV boxes, I finished the dashboard that I created and would like to share it on my STG, and PRD boxes. but when I copy the JSON model I get this error Templating

Failed to upgrade legacy queries Datasource b0c711c3-f4b6-4f5e-aa25-67dfb0b0d093 was not found… I am no expert, I just got assigned this project for work. I see that in you can copy a dashboard by importing the ID, where can I find my ID for my dashboard or how can I assign it one? Thanks in advance!

I guess problem is that datasource uid (not name) is different on each your box.
Export dashboard first, but with Export for sharing externally (don’t copy just json model):
Then Grafana will ask you during dashboard import, which datasource should be used.

thanks Jan, I have another question. I deleted a Job from prometheus yaml but it is still showing on grafana? why is that?

You need to be more precise when you asking. I don’t know based on this problem definition.