Failed to add datasource

I was add datasource to Grafana. I haven’t made any changes. But right now, I can’t add datasource. A have error: “Failed to add datasource”.

I connected to the db (…\grafana\data\grafana.db) via ui, I saw zero in the uid column of the most recently added data source. Normally it should have written id number in uid column. After updating the id column from the database, I can add a record. But on the second insert I get the same error.

There is no uid value in the request made by Grafana, when i add datasource on browser. How can i add uid to request?

Grafana version: v6.7.4

Hi @mehmetbrkc

A few things: what datasource are you trying to add? This doesn’t sound like the normal workflow for adding a datasource.

Second, I see that you’re running Grafana 6. This is a rather old version, and I would encourage you to upgrade to Grafana 8 if it’s at all possible.

Hi @mattabrams,

I solved this problem by upgrading grafana.

Thank you for your help.

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