Facing "401 Unauthorized" error while creating Alert Rule using Rest API

I am using Infinity plugin with Backend as the parser, in the dashboard panel, I am using Rest API to pull the data and apply some filter and it is working fine, the same REST API I am trying to use while creating alerts rule is not working and giving “401 Unauthorized” error as below.

Error in Grafana Log:-

logger=plugin.yesoreyeram-infinity-datasource t=2024-02-08T09:31:00.036623Z level=debug msg=“yesoreyeram-infinity-datasource plugin is now requesting URL” url=""

logger=plugin.yesoreyeram-infinity-datasource t=2024-02-08T09:31:00.062919202Z level=error msg=“error while performing the infinity query” pluginID=yesoreyeram-infinity-datasource endpoint=queryData dsName=Infinity_Data_Source dsUID=f1ada078-21e7-42cd-84d4-e11795095c7d msg=“401 Unauthorized” uname=

Can anyone please suggest what I am missing here.

NOTE :- I am getting data from Rest API by using Infinity data source.

Grafana Version : 10.1.5
Infinity : 2.4.0

Can someone please suggest on this issue?