Extract substrings from prometheus query

We use this prometheus query to extract the installed k8s chart names in our cluster:

sum(label_join(kube_deployment_labels{namespace="mynamspace"}, "mylabel", "", "label_chart", "label_helm_sh_chart") ) by (mylabel)

The results (in mylabel) are looking like that (plus some noise we hide in the table view)


We want to show the name and the version in separate colums of a table.
The regex for splitting mylabel is ([a-z-]+)-([0-9.-]*) for name (matching group 1) and version (matching group 2)

    super-nice-chart                    12.34-0
    even-better-chart                   2.12.0-32
    notsogood                           0.36.0
    another-amazing-thing               0.1.12

But I have no idea how to implement this regex into the query or $(which is the right place?)
Any suggestions?

No idea there in the world?

no one has any idea?