External libraries not working with Grafana panel plugin

Iam new to Grafana and creating my first Grafana panel plugin to display GLG grphics. I am using react simple panel plugin.
For GLG implementation I am having GLG static library(can’t install with npm). So I added my GLG library files(GlgCE.js, GlgTooklitCE.js, gunzip.min.js) in external folder. I am importing all these library files in SimplePanel.tsx file. One of my step is to decompress created the data.In my GlgToolkit.js I am having below code which creates object for Zlib.Gunzip and decompress the data which is in Uint8Array format.

tproto.glg_gunzip_hook = (data) => {
var gunzip = new Zlib.Gunzip(data);
return gunzip.decompress();

My problem is that:

  1. My library files not communicating with each other properly.
  2. Above code is not working, while debugging I can say its unable to create object for Zlib.Gunzip. It returing undefine for gunzip variable, and data is not getting decompress.
    I will be great if anybody caan help me on this.How can one library file can communicate with other(in this case gunzip.min.js).