Want to create a plugin starting from existing graph

Dear all,

I want to use grafana to display some technical datas from an assembly line. In addition, I want to display some breakdown events. There will be many type of breakdown, so I want to select part of them or all of them to be figure out on the graph with simple check box (button). So I want to create my own plugin starting from the already existing graph folder, located in (\grafana-5.2.4\public\app\plugins\panel). I copy past it on (\grafana-5.2.4\data\plugins). I changed the id on the plugin.json.

When I want to add a graph from the copy I get this error ,

Plugin Error
Fetch error: 404 Not Found Instantiating http://localhost:8080/public/plugins/graphcheckbox/module.js Loading plugins/graphcheckbox/module

I dont understand what’s wrong here :confused: Some one for help me ?

You cannot use another plugin from another plugin. you cannot load/modify core plugins like.

You will need to extract the core plugin which would be very complicated

Thanks for your answer.

So, if I want to create a plugin graph just with check box in addition, I have to start from the begin ?
I cannot make that easier by using the existing graph (which is perfect I just want to add check box) ? The guide advice to start from an other plugin which is near.

I dont want to develop somethinks that is almost already made.

What’s your advice for my project ?

It’s a good idea to modify directly the existing graph plugin ?

When I start the server it doesn’t see the plugin. It see the other plugin on the folder but not mine.
I have the plugin.json done and the module.json on subfolder ‘src’.

The plugin.json :

  "type": "panel",
  "name": "check box",
  "id": "grafana-checkbox-panel",

  "info": {
    "description": "Clock panel for grafana",
    "author": {
      "name": "Raintank Inc.",
      "url": "http://raintank.io"
    "keywords": ["clock", "panel"],
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "updated": "2015-03-24"

  "dependencies": {
    "grafanaVersion": "3.x.x",
    "plugins": [ ]

I have an package.json, and I already ran the command line ‘npm install’ succesfully.
Someone can help me with this error :confused: I searched for hours on google but nothing, I cannot figure out what’s the problem here !

Could you explain the process for modifying a core plugin then? I simply want to add to more colors/thresholds to the Singlestat plugin. I have made the modification in my development environment but I am not able to build and deploy to production. Is there an example for a TS based plugin like Singlestat?

You need to import your plugin in public/app/features/plugins/built_in_plugins.ts the same way the others are imported, but make sure your plugin’s structure is similar to other’s too.