Export interactive graphs to own website

Hi everyone,
I’m new at grafana and I have some doubts. I hope you can shed light on me :grinning:

I already configured a panel with some dashboards, but I want to integrate some specific graphs in a own website.

I want to use it dynamically: for a specific user show some graphs and for another user another graphs.
My intention is to show the interactive graph, not a snapshot.

The only solution is to use and embed iframe?
I don’t like this solution because:

  • You must login anyway
  • You can edit the html to change server_name or variables

I checked the API but I think that there are nothing about that…

What is the common way to do that?
I thought that maybe the best way is to ask for the data directly to influxdb and graph with some external tool?

Thanks in advance!

looks like the only options are listed here: Share a panel | Grafana Labs

I guess you might have to use a library like chart.js and extract the data directly from your influxdb if you want to have your own custom charts…