Export data from repeated panels at once

Hi, when I want to export data as CSV file I click on panelinspectDataDownload CSV.

Now, I have made further progress by creating a variable called model in the dashboard settings, which allows for multiple selections. Additionally, I added a row to the dashboard containing a panel that presents time series data. Whenever I select multiple models, a separate row with a panel is generated for each of them.

However, I am currently facing some confusion as I haven’t found a way to export all the generated panels at once as CSV files, even though they have the same structure but present data for different models. Manually pressing “Download CSV” for each panel is very time-consuming and inefficient.

I’ve tried to find a plugin for this kind of stuff but without success.

Grafana v.9.3.6

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Hi Artur,

I have the same question, did you ever get a response?