Expandable rows in a table?

I built a dashboard that also contains a table with some information about alerts being indexed in an Elasticsearch datasource.
Since there are lots of parameters, in the main dashboard I just put a table in which each row contains an identifier of the event that was generated, its description and the time it got triggered.

However, in most cases I would need to view other information that I would like to show only when a user requests it.
So the idea would be to generate a table with expandable rows. That is to say that the basic data of each row would still be identifier, description and time. Then, if the user clicks on that specific row, the row expands and shows other information contained in the json that had been retrieved in order to build the table in first place.

Is that possible?
Or do I need to use other plugins to be able to use tables with expandable rows?
Any suggestion is appreciated.

@ginoliuz have you figured this out?