Error “database is locked”

Hi All,

Getting the error “database is locked”, i tried to change DB as well but no luck,
I am waiting the your valuable the input.


Hi @gulabnandanvar,

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This seems to be a known issue as previously reported here:

Please check it and let us know if that helps you to find the answers to you need.


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Wanted to tag onto this.

I was receiving this error randomly in our alerts and when we would run some queries.

The issue was around the default grafana.db sqlite3 file.

Transitioned to MYSQL and have had 0 issues.


you were running queries again the grafana sqlite?

I’m getting a lot of these as well as high CPU/memory usage

Does it prevent you from using grafana? Also are you querying the sqlite db itself?

Maybe it’s time to migrate to mysql or postgres

I think I’m going to move that direction this week

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And yeah Grafana will lock up the server

No was just doing alot with grafana and sqlite could not keep up