Error “database is locked”

Hi All,

Getting the error “database is locked”, i tried to change DB as well but no luck,
I am waiting the your valuable the input.


Hi @gulabnandanvar,

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This seems to be a known issue as previously reported here:

Please check it and let us know if that helps you to find the answers to you need.

Update Status

This issue has been fixed with major significant improvements on the Backend Database.

Therefore marking it as a solution :white_check_mark:

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Wanted to tag onto this.

I was receiving this error randomly in our alerts and when we would run some queries.

The issue was around the default grafana.db sqlite3 file.

Transitioned to MYSQL and have had 0 issues.


you were running queries again the grafana sqlite?

I’m getting a lot of these as well as high CPU/memory usage

Does it prevent you from using grafana? Also are you querying the sqlite db itself?

Maybe it’s time to migrate to mysql or postgres

I think I’m going to move that direction this week

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And yeah Grafana will lock up the server

No was just doing alot with grafana and sqlite could not keep up