Database is locked

Hi. Every morning at 6 am I get a warning notification due to “no value”. The reason for the error appears as follows. It fixes in a few minutes, but it causes me to receive dozens of notifications. How can I solve this problem?

Version: Grafana v9.5.1 (bc353e4b2d)
Error: failed to build query ‘A’: [sqlstore.max-retries-reached] retry 1: database is locked

I’m also experiencing a lot of those after upgrade from 9.4.7 to 9.5.2

Hello @here,

Please see this GitHub link which provided a good workaround.

Also, I believe that you are using SQLIte as Grafana backend DB so best would be to switch to MySQL or PostgreSQL (same link also has the information).

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the hint, I enabled WAL for sqlite3 using GF_DATABASE_WAL=true env variable (running dockerized grafana).
See also enabling wal = true in grafana.ini as default for Grafana SQLite installation · Issue #65115 · grafana/grafana · GitHub (about enabling it by default).