ERRO[0000] Could not initialize test

I’m trying k6 for the first time and everything went smoothly a few days ago with the test example provided in the documentation. However, when I ran the same test today I’m getting the following error message:

ERRO[0000] could not initialize './globalContacts.js': could not load JS test 'file:///Users/juanluis/Documents/Source/MangoChango/Amplion/code/js/loadTests/__tests__/globalContacts.js': file:///Users/juanluis/Documents/Source/MangoChango/Amplion/code/js/loadTests/__tests__/globalContacts.js: Line 16:25 Unexpected token function (and 4 more errors) 

Could you please help me out with this error?

I’d need the code of this fine to be sure, but it seems like a syntax error in it. Unexpected token functionmaybe means you have an extrafunction` token, or you forgot to close a bracket somewhere :person_shrugging:

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