Equal not accepted in the queries

Hi, dears,
when I use equal operator (=) in the Query Editor for influxdb, I obtain something like this:

SELECT mean(“data7”) FROM “autogen”.“cannet” WHERE (“canid” = ‘1894’) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time(10ms) fill(linear)

This doesn’t match any data in my DB because of the presence of the chars " ’ " before and after the canid value (1894 in this case).

Manually deleting those chars everything goes ok.

Is there something wrong with my way of using Query Editor?

This happen only with equal (=).

Thanks in advance.

IMHO editor is designed for string filtering '1984', not for integer filtering 1984. It is good only for basic queries. If you need more complex queries (e.g. subqueries), then you need to switch to the text edit mode, what will be useful also your use case.

Thank you jangaraj for quick replay.
Anyway, the problem is that even if I use text editor to correct the query, after coming back to standard view (Query editor), at first zoom in or out, or at first time range adjusting, the char " ’ " comes back.

I personally regard this as highly undesirable behaviour in Grafana - not
quite a bug, but close.

Basically, if you ever switch to manual edit mode for a query and change
something, you must never switch back to the “standard view” as you call it,
otherwise all your work will be undone.