Enquiry about commercial Plugin licensing

Hi All, I am an R&D project development manager with a Power Switchgear company. We manufacture switchgear with capability of transmitting PMU data. Grafana dashboards can be used to connect to openHistorian software (PDC) to visualise the collected PMU data. We have done extensive work with preparing the dashboards based on our devices capabilities and our customers’ needs, so would like to find a way to commercialise and sell the prepared dashboards as a product. Would you advise the process of preparing an enterprise plugin and publishing it on Grafana website for that purpose? What are the general terms and conditions regarding the financial aspects (the sale portion taken by Grafana or other fees)? If the guidelines are available on the website, please provide the link.

Hi There,

Thank you for your inquiry. This sounds like an exciting use case. I would be happy to discuss further, please email integrations@grafana.com .

Please find the plugin signing terms here: Grafana Labs Plug-In Signing Agreement | Grafana Labs