End-of-test-summary per group


New to K6, started out today with some simple stuff. I was wondering if it is easily possible to have the end-of-test-summary display (avg/min/max) metrics per group instead of 1 metric for all groups combined?

i.e. 1 have 4 groups now, but in summary it just has 1 line with :
“http_req_duration…: avg=114.22ms min=56.95ms med=105.85ms max=407.04ms p(90)=155.76ms p(95)=252.05ms”

What I would like to see is the http_req_duration for each of the 4 groups individually.
Am I overlooking something, or is this not possible with the end-of-test-summary ?

To put in other words, in most cases I’m not interested in (or having to process) all datapoints individually, but only having 1 overall http_req_duration for all is a bit too little. If I would have this metric per group (so I can have actions like login, productsearch, add2cart, editcart in summary separately) it would be sufficient.

Via Separate metrics summary for each request in default function - #2 by nedyalko I found a solution/workaround. Tagging the requests and adding bogus threshold will display the http_req_duration per tag. This is good enough for me.

Thanks @ned :wink:

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