Enabling Loki Jaeger Tracing


I’m attempting to enable Jaeger tracing in Loki. I have tried both the Cortex guide and Loki guides: Tracing | Cortex , Configuration | Grafana Labs.

My trace storage is Tempo and I have validated that I’m able to query for other traces in Tempo. In my testing I’m not seeing any requests from Loki to Tempo to send any traces. I’m using the environment variable JAEGER_ENDPOINT so that Jaeger uses HTTP in hopes that there would be an error message. Additionally, I do see trace ids in the Loki logs.

It seems that Loki is not attempting to send any traces to Tempo. Even the debug logs for Loki are lacking in details. Does anyone have any advice for debugging Loki tracing further?

Thank you in advanced.

@emurgand a fellow Loki user here facing the same struggle too :frowning:

After hours of trial and error, I managed to make it work (inspiration from Tracing | Cortex). Below are the environment variables that I have set for Loki components:

  1. set JAEGER_AGENT_HOST to Jaeger hostname
  2. set JAEGER_AGENT_PORT to Jaeger thrift compact endpoint
  3. set JAEGER_SAMPLER_TYPE to “const”
  4. set JAEGER_SAMPLER_PARAM to 1 (setting this to 1 just for troubleshooting Troubleshooting — Jaeger documentation)

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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