Sending Jaeger traces to Tempo


I am trying to set up a jaeger data source for grafana tempo. So I set the HTTP url to “”, which is the hostname that run the jeager using docker (docker run -d -p 16686:16686 -p 6831:6831/udp jaegertracing/all-in-one) and the port of jaeger. I send traces running a python script (jaeger_exporter = JaegerExporter(
However, I get query error and I do not see any traces in tempo.

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Hi @antrigeorgi. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I understand the problem. Where is Tempo in this setup? Or are you using only Jaeger and Grafana?

Yes I am using the online Grafana Tempo, and in the URL field of data source I set the hostname and port of Jaeger as shown in the attached picture.

If your backend is Jaeger, you should be using the Jaeger datasource.

Oops! I see… I thought that tempo data source was compatible with jaeger.
Thank you very much for your reply!


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