Embed grafana scripted dashboard in a web application

Hi all,
I can create a dashboard using scripted.js in public/dashboards.
I can access it via api token in header of GET request easily.

What I’d like is that the dashboard that appears SHOULD BE similar to shared dashboard. BUT it shows user login button in the bottom left corner. Consider I created a “viewer” user api token.

Is there a way to get the shared URL of script generated dashboard?

No you would have to enable anonymous access

I’m very sorry for my basic question (and my basic english) but…
what I 'd like to see is a dashboard with no ones of the buttons circled in following picture
(this dashboard is dinamically generated by script js)

Actually I enabled anonymous access but I got this:

If your dashboard has a single panel and all you want to show is that panel, then maybe you can just embed the individual panel, rather than the dashboard itself? (grab the panel’s URL from Share > Embed in the panel menu)

Or add “&kiosk” to the dashboard’s URL to get rid of the menus. (the behavior of that would depend on the specific version of Grafana you’re using - I know there have been some changes recently)


with kiosh disappear the history time menu. Exists any alternative?

Since v5.3 (beta) I think you can do &kiosk=tv to keep the time range picker.

Very sorry but with 5.3 beta I see grafana symbols button with kiosk=tv.

I guess the exact setup you need maybe doesn’t exist out-of-the-box. You can always hide the logo in the CSS.

Actually i embedded grafana dashboard in iframe. I tried to parse html on finish load ing but it is rendered by a javascript. Is there a way to modify grafana platform source files? In which way i can modify css inside an iframe filled by grafana js?

Probably getting beyond the original scope of this thread…

As long as you’re hosting your own Grafana instance, yes you should be able to edit the stylesheet files, no matter how your dashboards are loaded. Googling should turn up various resources on how to achieve that - some in the context of Grafana, others more general. See e.g. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44742702/customize-the-grafana-icon-and-color-scheme

that’s what i need. I forgot about css thank you!!!