Embed Grafana dashboard in web application and can not login

Hi all,

I got a fail when login into Grafana.

The step what I did list below:

  1. I run Grafana service on A server and run the web application on the B server.

  2. I embedded the Grafana dashboard in the tag “frame” in my web application.

  3. Both the server can ping to each other and the port was enabled to pass. Of course, the firewall adjusted already.

  4. I open my web, and I can see the Grafana embedded successfully on the page but it is a login page.

  5. I type my account and PW then I type the login button and it just appears some flash then rollback to the login page.

What I have done:
set allow_embed = true.
set cookie_samesite = true.

What I have tried:

  • set enable anonymous access = true, and it works. But I just want that user can only see it by using my web application. So it works but unacceptable.
  • set AuthProxy enable = true. But not works.

I don’t know what else needs to modify. :worried: