Elasticsearch is working but with 403 error, zabbix 403 error

Hello everyone.
This is my first time setting up a monitoring server.

My setup is: I have Graylog(Graylog 3.1.2) and Grafana(Grafana v6.4.3) running on the same server. Both works fine.

I added the Graylog (Elasticsearch) as datasource and it works, the green notification popped up when I clicked the “save and test”, I can do lucene queries and make graphs.

Some days later, i created a basic Zabbix server to monitor metrics. Its a separate server. I installed the Zabbix plugin in the Grafana server, entered the details for the Zabbix server as follows:

URL: http://(public ip)/zabbix/api_jsonrpc.php
Access: Server(Default)
Zabbix API details
Username: uname i used to login to the zabbix website
Password: pw i used to login to the zabbix website

but i got the red notification (Error

403 Forbidden


You don't have permission to access this resource.

) when i pressed the "save and test".

I checked my elasticsearch datasource, clicked “save and test” and now its giving me the same 403 error. its odd that its giving me 403 error - i didnt touched my config. even odder is that I can use the elasticsearch datasource even with the 403 error.

im dumbfounded and lost. been reading the grafanas config file for possible solution.
i have three software to tweak (graylog, grafana, zabbix) and im just so overwhelmed.
i know eventually ill find a solution for this, but id appreciate any help :slight_smile: