Elasticsearch graph with meta data

Is it possible to associate other values with the points on a timeseries graph? I’m tracking build length over time and then sorting by additional values such as host. The query works, and i see the sorted values for my hosts, but the points on my graph only show the build length value when you hover over them. How can i get it to display the additional metadata i am sorting by when a user hovers over a specific point?


Use the annotation feature

Marcus .

Thanks for the response! Unless i am misunderstanding, i do not believe annotations is what I’m looking for. That would be highlighting when specific events occur and displaying them overlayed on the graph. What i want to do is add to the data displaying by hovering over a data point on a scatter plot. Ideally when hovering over any specific point i could show 3-4 additional data points

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@whitelitvisions Did you find a solution? I am trying to achieve the exact same thing