Elasticsearch Datasource Provisioning Not Working

I am trying to create an Elasticsearch datasource using provisioning, but some of the fields are being ignored. I’m using Grafana version 5.0.4 on Red Hat Linux 7. Here is my .yaml file:

 - name: "elasticsearch"
   type: "elasticsearch"
   typeLogoUrl: ""
   access: "proxy"
   url: "https://www.example.com:12221"
   password: ""
   user: ""
   database: "logstash-*"
   basicAuth: true
   basicAuthUser: "lynchnf"
   basicAuthPassword: "swordfish"
   withCredentials: false
   isDefault: false
     esVersion: 5
     keepCookies: []
     maxConcurrentShardRequests: 256
     timeField: "log_time"
     tlsSkipVerify: true
   editable: true

The fields that are being ignored are basicAuth, basicAuthUser, basicAuthPassword, timeField, and tlsSkipVerify.

Any suggestions about how to get this to work would be appreciated.

I’m facing the same issue. How did you resolve this issue?