Elasticsearch Dashboard not Working


I am trying to setup Elasticsearch Dashboard in Grafana.

Current Configuration used in the datasource:-

URL : http://myid:9200/
Access: Server(default)
Basic Auth: user/pass
Indexname: test
Timefieldname: processingtime
Version: 6.0+
Max concurrent shard request: 256
Min Time Interval: 10s

When i save and test it , i get the message " Index is OK,Time Field Name is OK"

I imported the dashboard https://grafana.com/dashboards/878 and when i go the dashboard i dont get any data for any tile.

Also when i switch the Access from Server to Browser, i get an error in Dashboard regarding CORS. I have enabled CORS in elasticsearch.yaml as mentioned in the Grafana Documentation. But still it doesnt work.

As part of the error, seems like there is some authentication errors ??? i can’t really see

F12 in the browser and paste the error if you can see it