Edited telegraf vsphere.conf file now not seeing vsphere_datastore_disk info


I was trying to get more datastore info using telegraf and noticed my vsphere.conf file had this

datastore_metric_include = [ “disk.capacity.latest”, “disk.used.latest”, “disk.provisioned.latest”]

I had a graph showing vsphere_datastore_disk metrics above (capacity, used, provisioned).

Any way I changed:

datastore_metric_include = [ “disk.capacity.latest”, “disk.used.latest”, “disk.provisioned.latest”]


datastore_metric_include = [ “*”]

And now those charts are not getting data.

I reverted my change and they still don’t work.

If I run

telegraf -config /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d/vsphere-stats.conf -test > test.txt

I can see the data is in there, so is it InfluxDB that is the issue?

I see this sort of data in the telegraf test:

vsphere_datastore_disk,dcname=DC1,disk=instance-total,dsname=Site1_DellEMC_SC5020_VMFS_MGRFileserverUK,host=Site1hostinglogs,moid=datastore-134297,source=Site1_DellEMC_SC5020_VMFS_MGRFileserverUK,vcenter=support.domain.com capacity_latest=9663414272i,provisioned_latest=10525831172i,used_latest=9338724352i 1598957580000000000

What can I do?