EC2 AWS - Stay in Dashboard light


I have a EC2 running on AWS.

I set my Grafana dash board to light, noe I want to change back to dark but it stays in light.

The JSON file indicates dark.



Sigh. And this right here is why I’m working on the Preferences documentation right now.

There are four different levels you can set the Grafana theme (dark or light): server, organization, team, and user. Dashboard is not one of them (as far as I am aware, and I just checked). Also, the lowest level takes precedence.

So, if your settings are something like:
Server (set in config file): Dark
Organization: Light
Team: Default
User: Default

Then you’re going to get everything in the Light theme, at least while you’re in the organization. You need to set the Preferences to see the change you want.



I did not see that there are that many levels to control the them.