Dynamic embedding in HTML Webiste

i I am doing my first project in grafana. I want to display weather data that I collect on a website using grafana.

When I embed the grafana link in the website, the graph updates but I cant controll the time frame I am looking at. This is a very important aspect of my project tho, as I want to be able to, as an example, look at the data from 2 days ago. Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance!

Please tell us what you mean by “I collect on a website using Grafana”.

Grafana itself does not store data - Grafana reads data from an external data
source Data sources | Grafana documentation and displays it
for you in a dashboard according to the queries you have configured.

So, first of all, which data source are you using to store this weather data


Sorry for not giving enough information!
I am using Influxdb to store the data and Grafana to display the data. I then want to embed these graphs on my website. There I would like to be able to change the time window which I am looking at.